Snowdrops in the green (Galanthus nivalis) native (10)

Snowdrops in the green (Galanthus nivalis) native (Pack of 10)

  • These are the native Snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis) which grow throughout Britain. They flower very early in the year and can often be seen pushing their heads above snow in January. The delicate, single, drooping white flowers have green tips. They are also very attractive to bees providing one of their earliest food sources.
  • Snowdrops establish well if planted in the green.
  • Will grow in most soils including grassland and damp woodlands.
  • Plant in rich, moist well drained soil, if planted in grass don’t cut until the leaves die back.
  • Shade tolerant.
  • Height 10-15cm (4-6ins)
  • Flowers January to March.
  • Pack of 10. These will be lifted, packed and sent out the same day therefore they reach you as fresh as possible. Plant as soon as possible on receipt.
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