Water Starwort (Callitriche) native. Oxygenating plant


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Water Starwort (Callitriche) native. Oxygenating plant

Water Starwort (Callitriche) native, oxygenating plant. The pale green leaves are linear where submerged and form pretty, starry masses where they reach the surface. Callitriche is very useful improving water quality, absorbing nutrients and maintaining a clean and healthy pond.  It also good for providing a sheltered habitat for fish and wildlife. The submerged leaves are particularly favoured by newts and as a place to lay their eggs.

  • A good plant especially for smaller pond.
  • Sold in small weighted clumps  to be place just below water line until established, then lower to final position.
  • It prefers cooler weather and is best in spring and autumn, making it an ideal plant to help early emerging wildlife. It goes dormant during the summer months.
  • As a general guide we would recommended that you use 2 bunches of oxygenator per square metre of surface water
  • After Autumn it dies of it will drop its seeds to the bottom of your pond which remain dormant over winter and will start to germinate once the weather gets warmer
  • Planting depth 15-45cm (6 to 18 in) of water above soil level.
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