• Darwin water lily (Nymphaea ‘Darwin’) formerly called ‘Hollandia’ it is free flowering and is one of my favorite water lilies.   These beautiful water lilies open with light pink inner petals and paler outer petals that then develop a deeper pink colour. The very well shaped peony style, double flowers are slightly fragrant and the centres are golden yellow. Flower size 6 – 7.5in (15 – 19cm).
  • The new leaves start brownish in colour and then become deep green. The leaves are round in shape and the sinus varies considerably with some lobes overlapping and some separated by an open ‘V’ even on the same plant. The stems are purple underwater and green above and also have short fuzz on the underwater section.
  • A strong growing water lily recommended for medium to large pools.
  • Makes a terrific cut flower.
  • Planting depth above soil level : 24in/ 6ocm
  • Spread 48in/120cm
  • We would recommend a planting basket of at least 22cm across.
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