Oxygenating Plant weights. 3metre long


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Oxygenating Plant weights. 3metre long

Oxygenating Plant weights – Supa Big 10 Plant Weight is a 10ft (3m) are a long length of lead strip which has been wound into a flat coil. The plant weights can be cut to any size you require to weigh down oxygenators in your pond which you can throw into your pond they will sink with the weight and begin to grow.  For example, Hornwort  (Ceratophyllum dermersum) will benefit from being weighted down.

It also can be used in cold water aquariums for plants, decor and food as required.  These are more flexible than the pre-cut strips, which are quite short, and are better value for money. Simply cut to the length you required to reduce waste.  Can be stored once opened in a dry area.  If removing the cut strips from your pond they can be cleaned and dried well for reuse in the future.

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