Your Pond

Your pond, whatever it’s size and style, will be a source of beauty and interest. A pond is one of the best contributions you can make to the environment.

Plants in your pond are very important to keep a healthy balance. They provide shade which helps to prevent the build up of algae thus contributing to clear water and a good balanced environment. If you have fish they will appreciate the cool shade on hot days. Submerged plants are perfect for spawning fish and for wildlife as well as keeping the water fresh.

To plant a normal garden pond and keep it healthy two thirds of it needs to be planted. That includes marginal plants, deeper water marginal plants, lilies and also oxygenating plants.

With the marginal plants we suggest you plant two or three of the same plant in a 23cm square basket or a 22cm round basket.

The deep water marginal plants can be planted one to a 13cm round basket or a 11cm square basket. You can also plant two or three to a 23cm square basket or 22cm round basket. Except for the Nuphar luteum plant this in a 28cm square, 23cm square or 22cm round basket.

The lilies we would plant one to a 23cm square or 22cm round basket.

The oxygenating plants come in bunches and can be put straight into the pond as it comes to you. Or you can plant it into baskets with just gravel in it no soil.

We suggest you  put plant food into the roots in the way of slow release tablets. We sell Pondflora which is formulated specially for ponds and we would put them in 2 or 3 times a year.

You can use aquatic soil for a planting medium or you can use garden soil as long as it has not had any chemicals used on it e.g. weed killer, fertilizer or insecticide. Not to forget to top the baskets with gravel.

When you have planted the plants in the baskets and with gravel on top you should give them a good soaking with a hose pipe which will stop any air bubbles in the soil throwing the soil out of the baskets when put in the pond.

Lastly enjoy your plants and pond.