Pond Plants

Pond plants add visual interest to a pond, encourage wildlife and can help keep water clear. Choose the right plants for ponds to greatly add to your enjoyment of the pond as well as helping wildlife. With the wide range of pond plants in UK nurseries and garden centres choosing the right plants can be daunting. The vigour of the plants  as well as the suitability in varying depths needs to be taken into consideration. As does the avoidance of unwanted invasive types.

Our range of products includes high quality water lilies, oxygenating pond plants, marginal (shallow water plants) and aquatic pond plants (deeper water plants), moisture loving & bog plants . All at affordable prices including a wide range of British native aquatic plants and pond starter packs for new ponds. We also stock and sell a range of aquatic gardening accessories. Each pond plant has a description which includes information on colour, size, the depth of water the plant needs. Also whether it is a native plant and if it is a vigorous grower.

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Winter deliveries:
Over the winter period we may need to delay sending orders due to snow or freezing conditions. We will contact affected customers and send orders as soon as conditions allow.

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Showing all 157 results