What to expect

The plants: We grow our plants as naturally as possible to ensure they are strong and used to the British climate. They are well established young plants ready to be potted on or planted directly into the final position. They can be planted out all year round unless the ground/pond is frozen.

Most of our plants are available in root trainer form which means they have been grown in trays that are larger and  much deeper than standard plug trays. Others are grown in standard plant pots where these are more suited to their growth. Except for a few pygmy varieties, which are very small, waterlilies are grown in 2 litre planters.

Most oygenating plants are sold as weighted bunches.

Preparing your order: When we receive your order we will collect the plants from where they are growing in the nursery, wash the soil off and trim them if necessary. They are then wrapped in damp paper, to protect them during transportation, put into plastic bags, together with their labels, and packed into a cardboard box with recycled loosefill for protection. A planting guide is included.