Oxygenating Pond Plants

Oxygenating pond plants are, wholly or partly, underwater pond plants. They have submerged leaves and perform a number of important roles in the pond. These plants are known as oxygenators because during the day they absorb carbon dioxide from the water and give off oxygen. Another useful thing these plants do is to absorb minerals from the water. This process conditions the pond water. It helps to maintain a healthy balance in your pond and to reduce unwanted algae by taking up dissolved nutrients.

Underwater pond plants aid with clear healthy water, provide shade and a good spawning area for fish. They create a hiding place for fry and a perfect home and breeding area for wildlife.

We supply most oxygenators as weighted bunches which you can simply drop into the pond.

A number of good oxygenating pond plants are only available during the summer months. We will display these on our website when they become available.

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Showing all 9 results