Medium Pond Starter Pack – Wildlife


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Medium Pond Starter Pack – Wildlife

Medium New Pond Starter Pack – Wildlife. The plants in this pack will be chosen from those that are particularly attractive to wildlife and will provide a variety of habitats as well as being beautiful to look at.  We will always choose the best quality plants at the time of ordering to make your pond look wonderful.

The kit will include:-

  • 3 Water Lilies. No pond should be without at least one of these beautiful plants. Therefore, we include three water lilies that will add colour and interest to your pond. Water lilies also provide shade and shelter for wildlife. We also include are identifying labels and suitable planting baskets.
  • 4 Deep water plants, aquatic pond plants. These plants will grow and thrive at depths greater than the marginals.  As well as adding interest and variety to your pond they will provide shade and shelter for fish and wildlife.
  • 22 Marginal water plants. A selection of twenty two plants which are suitable for the shallow water areas, together with labels and planting baskets. These will be chosen from plants that are particularly attractive to wildlife and also give a variety of habitats, form, height and colour and thus make an interesting display.
  • 1/2 bag of Hornwort Oxygenating plant covers 8m – 12m of surface water – essential for keeping the water healthy and also provide shelter and breeding areas for wildlife.
  • Baskets and planting instructions
  • Please note that we will choose the plants according to suitability and availability at the time of ordering. This pack represents a saving on the price of ordering the plants individually.
  • Product Code: XPWPM
  • Contact us if you require more information.  Our plant team will be happy to help with any queries you may have.