Starter Pack Mini Ponds, Tubs, Barrels,

  New Pond Kit

  • Starter Pack Mini Ponds, Tubs, Barrels, New Pond Kit – A mini pond starter pack is suitable for a very small pond or container, such as a tub or barrel, up to 1 square metre (11 square feet). The pond starter packs include:
  • 1 Water lily – No pond should be without one of these beautiful plants. Therefore we include a small water lily that will be happy in a little pond or a container without growing too big along with indentifying label and suitable planting basket.
  • 3 Marginal water plants – Three different plants which are suitable for shallow water and not too vigorous, together with labels and planting baskets. These will be chosen to give a variety of form, height and colour and thus make an interesting display.
  • 3 bunches of oxygenating plantOxygenating pond plants are essential for keeping the water healthy.
  • Pondflora plant food – Pondflora is a slow release pond plant fertiliser that provides all the nutrients which pond plants need in order to flourish. Simply place the tablets in the soil at the root of the plant to ensure that your plants benefit from the plant food without encouraging undesirable plant growths such as algae.
  • Baskets and planting instructions
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