25x25cm Square-floating-island


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25x25cm Square-floating-island

25x25cm Square-floating-island. The plant island can be planted with marginal pond plants of your choice to create a delightful feature.  The baskets, which are equipped with a styrofoam floating ring, can also be linked together mutually. You can then apply them in any random place on the water surface.  By linking planting baskets, you can add an impressive island to your pond or lake.

This will produce a fascinating effect, even in those places where the pond is too deep to plant marsh plants.  With the help of these floating linkable planting baskets, you can add an impressive island to your pond.  This also provides shelter for young fish and invertebrates in the area.

        • The material has a high porosity therefore there is a free flow of water, oxygen and nutrients.
        • Ideal for all your pond plants as well as to link together to create an impressive floating island in your own pond.
        • The 25x25cm Square-floating-island floating finely woven planting basket is very durable.
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