Willow Grass (Persicaria amphibia)


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Willow Grass (Persicaria amphibia)

Willow Grass (Persicaria amphibia) also known as water knot weed.  Is a native water plant with long stalked floating leaves and pretty, fluffy, pink flowers which are held above the water.   The flowers are attractive to bees and other pollinating insects.  Willow Grass will also grow in damp and marshy ground but can be grown in deeper water.  The elongated, green leaves float on the surface providing shelter and shade for aquatic creatures and other wildlife and helping to reduce the growth of unwanted algae. It is also good at absorbing nitrates in your pond or lake.

  • Previously called Polygonum amphibium this plant has a number of common names including Amphibious Bistort, Water Smartweed and Heartsease .
  • Flowers July to September
  • Spread 60cm (24in)
  • Planting depth of 15-90cm (6-36in) or in damp marsh ground.
  • Please note we ship all of our plants bare root.  This means that we wash the soil off prior to shipping.  During summer months we may need to trim some foliage back for shipping.
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