15cm-round finely-woven planting basket


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15cm-round finely-woven planting basket

The 15cm-round, 15cm deep, finely-woven planting basket is very durable and an alternative to using plastic baskets.

  • The  finely-woven material of the Velda plant baskets is very durable. These baskets are particularly useful as the flexibility of the material means they will stand stably on nearly any subsoil. They will accommodate an uneven substrate and also mould to fit in awkward spaces where a rigid basket wouldn’t fit. They are very versatile if you have difficult areas to fit baskets into.
  • They keep the soil and roots contained making it easy to control the growth and spread of plants.
  • The material has a high  porosity therefore there is a free flow of water, oxygen and nutrients to the plants.
  • Ideal for all your  Marginal pond plant .
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