Algizin P Water Treatment 250ml


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ALGIZIN P WATER TREATMENT – Sold in 250 ML bottles.  A licenced algicide that quickly kills blanket weed in garden ponds. Blanket weed is a common algae that have growths of green like hair and cling onto your plants and the sides of your pond.   Algizin P is a safe treatment for ponds with fish, plants and filtration bacteria. There are many different types of algae that can cause problems in ponds and as well as not looking appealing can also add to the deoxygenation of your pond.

The majority of ponds will have an algae problem at some point so we thought we would help with a little information below.

Algae/Blanket weed are due to a variety of factors because it thrives in ponds that have been set in a sunny position with little shade across the surface area of the pond.  It is worth adding plants which give surface coverage such as lily’s as the leaves provide shade and add oxygenating plants.

Also it can come from natural pond debris like invasive pond weeds, fallen leaves and fish faeces which lead to a build up of organic matter.  It is worth cleaning your pond at the same time as treatment.

250ml of Algizin P treats up to 18,000L of water.  You should try to remove the majority of blanket weed and any dead or decaying matter from the pond prior to using the treatment.

Products are fully labelled with instructions shown below is a guideline of amounts needed.

1440 L – 20ml

720 L – 10ml

360 L – 5ml

180 L – 2.5 ml

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