Coir pallets 2m x 1m unplanted and planted

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 Coir pallets

Coir pallets are ideal for covering large areas of erosion as well as for providing areas of “instant” aquatic vegetation. Think of ready planted pallets  as pre established aquatic “turf”.

  • They are 100% biodegradable. Either not planted or planted with various mixes, or single species, of British native aquatic plants. Available to suit most applications.
  • Bio engineering with coir products is the proven approach for effective, yet sensitive design and construction. Natural materials and growing vegetation bring together biological, ecological and engineering concepts to both vegetate and stabilise banks on lakes and rivers.
  • The coir material is the waste product from the coconut and is a specially prepared natural fibre. It supports the growth and development of plants that secure the bank or shoreline. We use native UK wetland plants in our coir products. We select them for their adaptation to varied physical conditions and also for fish and wildlife.
  • Size: 2m x 1m = 2m²
  • Supplied: Ready planted with UK native species or not planted. To establish marginal vegetation around lake edges as well as streams and rivers banks.
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