Floating Islands modular custom made

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Floating Islands

  • Floating islands are a low cost, modular unit system that allows the creation of custom made floating islands. These can bring about a great improvement in the appearance of many open water areas. Their uses include enhancing the landscape, improving the environment and also encouraging wildlife diversity.
  • Suitable for rivers, lakes and canals as well as reservoirs, storm water storage and sewage lagoons.
  • They can include unique add ons such as anti predator fish refuges, biological filters, anti grazing framework and spawning medium.
  • Assembled 2m x 1m or 2m x 2m
  • DIY kits .

Floating islands offer the following benefits:

  • Reduce high nutrient levels and algae.
  • Offer protection from predators and hiding places for fish and wildfowl.
  • Absorb pollutants and remove suspended solids.
  • Help reduce bank erosion through wave reduction.
  • Provide a natural “food larder” for fish.
  • Enhance the landscape and also provide a “natural” feature to open water.
  • Low cost and low maintenance.


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