Velda Super Growth Balls 1100gm


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Velda Super Growth Balls 1100gm

Pond plant food 

Velda Super Growth Balls 1100gm. Pond plant food.  Have been made especially for fertilization of water lilies and marsh plants. Which are heavy feeders and benefit for additional plant food. Nutrients, trace elements and minerals pass directly to plant roots, as a result of which all kinds of water plants show luxurious growth and flowers.

The pond soil will become rich and full of nutrients.  You can fertilize your plants every 6 to 8 weeks between March through to August. Helps the plants to develop. A good accessory for any pond.

  • Place the growth balls in the immediate environment of the roots of plants, push into the soil near the plant root.
  • Growth balls contain only natural fertilizers.
  • Easy to apply.  5  pieces of growth balls for a 30cm pot is recommended to treat plants pushed directly into the soil passing on the minerals and nutrient’s directly into the plants.
  • Helps your plants to thrive and develop.
  • Quick fast easy delivery.
  • Contact us if you require more information.  We are available between 08:30am and 16:30pm from Monday to Friday and also via email.  Our plant team will be happy to help with any queries you may have.