Meadowsweet Rubra Venusta (Filipendula rubra venusta)


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Meadowsweet Rubra Venusta (Filipendula rubra venusta)

  • Meadowsweet Rubra Venusta. This variety of meadowsweet forms a sturdy, upright bush with a bold appearance. It’s large leaves and are fresh green, with large flower spikes early to mid-summer. The flowers are dark pink becoming paler with age. It makes an eye catching addition  towards the back of a moist border or at the waterside. Good for cutting.
  • Likes moist, boggy soil, partial shade.
  • Do not allow plants to dry out during the summer.
  • Height 120-180 cm (47-70 inches)
  • Spread  90-120 cm (35-47 inches)
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