Umbrella Plant (Darmera Peltata) Peltiphyllum peltatum.

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Umbrella Plant (Darmera Peltata)Peltiphyllum peltatum.

Umbrella Plant (Darmera Peltata) Peltiphyllum peltatum. One of my favourite moist soil loving plants.  The first sign in the spring is the 2 ft high rounded head of small pink flowers in late April/early May. The leaves then appear and when mature can reach between 3 to 4 ft high, although considerably shorter in younger plants. They can grow to 1 ft across and are like miniature Gunnera leaves but they have the benefit of changing colour in the Autumn to red and brown.

It is suitable for planting alongside ponds stream lakes and bog gardens and will add a dramatic effect to your garden.

  • Plant in moist boggy soils.  In hot spells ensure the soil is kept moist
  • Position in full shade to partial shade.
  • Cut back after flowering
  • We ship all our plant bareroot.  This means that we wash the soil off before shipping.  During the summer months we may need to trim some foliage back for shipping.
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