Sisyrinchium californicum Yellow Eyed Grass.


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Sisyrinchium californicum Yellow Eyed Grass. (Yellow Californian Satin Flower)

Sisyrinchium californicum Yellow Eyed Grass.  It has lots of bright yellow, star shaped, flowers. It is small member of the iris family and it forms neat clumps of strap-like leaves. The flowers measure about ¾in across and it blooms from June to October. Other names also include Yellow Californian Satin Flower, Yellow Eyed Grass and Golden Eyed grass.  This plant like moist areas so it is perfect for planting at your pond edges and around the edges of lakes stream and rivers.  It is also well suited to growing in bog gardens or moist marshlands.

  • Height 15cm to 30cm when mature
  • Spread and planting distance 6 ins.
  • Position: Likes moist but well drained soil in sun .
  • Flowers appear from May through to June.
  • Benefits from feeding in early spring.
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  • Product Code: P0380