Dierama Pulcherrimum (Angel’s fishing Rod)


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Dierama Pulcherrimum (Angel’s fishing Rod)

Dierama Pulcherrimum (Angel’s fishing Rod) Very appropriate name for a beautiful plant.  This is a beautiful moisture loving clump forming perennial for the better drained area of your bog garden. It produces, long, slim, Iris-like leaves and in late summer the tall, graceful wands appear carrying the hanging pink flower bells which sway in the breeze. This is a good plant for planting in boarders, gravel gardens and bog gardens.  Soil should not become waterlogged in winter or dry out during summer.

  • Height 36-60 ins (90-150 cm)
  • Spread 24 ins. (60 cms)
  • Plant 5cm to 7cm in the ground.
  • Thrives when planted in full sun with some protection in a sheltered area.
  • Plant in rich well-drained soil, new plants will need to be regularly watered and during dry spells water regularly.
  • Avoid waterlogged soil.
  • Once planted avoid moving this plant is not keen on being moved.
  • Flowers in summer.
  • Seeds can be collected from September.
  • Dead foliage can be removed in spring.
  • Protect from frost in winter.
  • Prune the plant in early spring before the new growth starts to appear.
  • We ship all of our plants bareroot.  This means that we wash the soil from the roots prior to shipping.   During the summer months we may need to trim back some foliage for shipping.
  • Contact us if you require more information.  We are available between 08:30am and 16:30pm Monday to Friday and also via our email.  Our plant team will be happy to help with any queries you may have.