Water Soldier Stratiotes Aloides Native floating plant



Water Soldier Stratiotes Aloides Native floating pond plant

Water Soldier, Stratiotes Aloides, is quite exotic for a native plant, looking as it does, like the top of a floating Pineapple!! Provides a striking effect in garden ponds, lakes and open waters.  It supports an abundance of wildlife providing cover for larvae such as dragon flies and damselflies and emerging aquatic wildlife as well as egg laying opportunities.  A beautiful but beneficial floating plant to have in your pond.

  • It has a rosette of serrated, sword-like, leaves and also produces white or pinkish, 3 petalled, flowers. The male flowers are in clusters and the female flowers are solitary. Tends to sink to the bottom during the winter rising to the surface during the summer. They also produce off-sets that can be detached to make new plants.
  • Flowers 3cm across.
  • Leaves up to 45cm long.
  • Flowers from June to August
  • Position in full sun to part shade where it will thrive.
  • Offers resting sheltering and breeding  places for aquatic insects such as dragonfly and damselfly larvae.
  • Simply drop into your pond.
  • Depth of water 30cm (12in) minimum
  • We ship all plant bareroot.  This means that we wash any soil away from the roots prior to shipping.  During the summer months we may need to trim back some foliage for shipping.
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