Schrophularia Auriculata (Fig Wort) Native


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Schrophularia Auriculata (Fig Wort) Native

Schrophularia Auriculata (Fig Wort) Native is a moisture loving plant. It produces large oval wrinkled green leaves marked with pink and cream on square reddish stems.  Flowers are small greenish yellow appearing in clusters and flowers form early summer into autumn. It grows up to 1 metre in height with a spread of 2 ft. Prefers moist to wet semi-shade and will thrive alongside ponds lakes  and streams and in boggy moist well drained soil.  It is wildlife friendly and found naturally throughout the UK. The long-lasting flowers attract more pollinators and not just bees but moths and butterflies, you can help by planting in clusters.

  • Position in full sun to partial shade.
  • Thrives in well drained boggy moist soil.
  • Attractive to pollinators.
  • Provides resting places for aquatic wildlife as they emerge.
  • Cut back after flowering to stop self seeding.
  • We ship all of our plants bare root.  This means that we wash the soil from the roots before shipping.
  • During the summer months we may need to trim back some foliage for shipping.
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