Giant Variegated Reed (Arundo donax)

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Giant Variegated Reed (Arundo donax)

Giant Variegated Reed (Arundo donax) ‘variegata’ ) is a tall growing ornamental grass . This architectural plant has a bamboo like appearance and green and white’ strap like’ variegated leaves. Likes a warm and sunny spot and moist roots. Can be grown in large containers and moved into conservatories or greenhouses in the winter.  Perfect for being used as a screening plant.   Attracts birds.  This is a perfect addition to any garden providing good structure.

  • Hardy to -5 to -10 C. In colder areas give some winter protection or grow in a container and overwinter in a greenhouse or conservatory.
  • Grown in 9cm pots this plant will need room to grow and if growing in pots will require repotting as they develop.
  • Plant in moist well drained soil but not waterlogged in full sun.
  • Height up to 300cm (120in)
  • Spread up to 200cm (80in)
  • Remove Foliage in the autumn and cut back after flowering to encourage growth.
  • Protect by mulching during winter.
  • Easy to maintain.
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  • Please note we send all of our plants out bareroot.  This means we wash the soil off before sending.  Sometime in summer we need to trim back the foliage for shipping.
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