Ensata Kaempferi Dark Blue


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Ensata Kaempferi Dark Blue

Japanese Clematis Iris (Iris ensata Kaempferi Dark Blue) is a clump forming herbaceous perennials it has flowers that are a lovely shade of dark violet blue. Leaves are sword shaped.  This Iris grows well in bog gardens along the margins of your pond or stream and in moist poorly drained soil.  It needs to be taken out of the water during the winter.


  • It likes moist but not waterlogged soil.
  • Note – toxic if eaten, May cause skin irritation or allergy
  • Spread 48cm ( 19 inches )
  • Grows to 60 cm ( 24 inches )
  • This iris requires moist and boggy well drained soil. It can be grown in minimal water during the summer but needs to come out of the water for the winter period.
  • Herbaceous perennial moisture loving bog plant.
  • We would recommend a planting basket of at least 11cm across for one plant or, for more impact, plant several of the same variety in a larger basket.
  • This Iris prefers full sun to partial shade in damp moist areas. You can cut back during the winter and remove any brown colour leaves.  This Iris is a hardy plant.
  • We ship all marginal water plants bare root; this means that we wash the soil off before packing plants. During the summer months we may need to trim some of the foliage back for shipping.
  •  This iris flowers between May and June
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