Oxlip, Primula elator


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Oxlip, Primula elator

Oxlip, Primula elator also known as (true Oxlip) is herbaceous perennial.  It is a British native moisture loving plant. Showcasing beautiful natural pale drooping cluster shaped yellow flowers on erect stems with oblong  rosette shaped leaves. They are a wonderful plant and in decline in the wild in the UK so a good choice for rewilding and woodland projects.  Not to be confused with its relation Primula veris which has smaller brighter yellow leaves.  Primula elator is an early flowering plant which is beneficial to emerging pollinators providing a food source.  It is ideal for planting in bog gardens, cottage gardens, in beds and boarders and alongside streams and ponds. Plant in groups to create impact

  • Height: 10cm to 30cm
  • Can spread to 25cm wide as it matures
  • Flowers from early spring  to May.
  • Flower size is around 2cm in width.
  • Plant in moist well drained soil.
  • Thrives in a sheltered position in part sun to  partial shade.
  • Do not let dry out
  • Wildlife friendly an early source of food for pollinators.
  • Prone to attack by aphids, slugs and vine weevil.
  • Cut back after flowering. It will become dormant during the winter and return in spring giving an early burst of colour to your garden and will provide early food for pollinators.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • We ship all of our plants bareroot.  This mean that we wash the soil of prior to shipping.  During the summer months we may need to trim some foliage back for shipping.
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