Hair Grass (Eleocharis acicularis)


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Hair Grass (Eleocharis acicularis) Native oxygenator

Hair grass, Eleocharis acicularis, is a native plant that will grow under water where it looks like fine, bright green, grass and will act as an oxygenator. It is also know as Needle Spike rush and is one of the most versatile water plants. This plant will also grow in wet meadows, marsh lands, slow moving streams and lakes as well as muddy margins. It provides a wonderful underwater habitat for aquatic wildlife.

  • It can be planted into a depth of water of 60 cm.
  • Grown as an oxygenating plant it will grow to a height of 15 cm.
  • As an oxygenating plant we would plant it into a 11cm pond basket.
  • It can also grow as a marginal plant in shallow water but will be much shorter.
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