Gladwyn iris (Iris foetidisima)


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Gladwyn iris (Iris foetidisima)

Gladwyn iris (Iris foetidisima) also known as the stinking gladwyn is a small native iris with dusky, lilac flowers in early summer. The flowers are followed in the autumn by attractive and long lasting seed-heads of bright orange seeds. These seed heads will remain on the plant throughout the winter providing a welcome splash of bright colour and is also attractive to small birds. It has dark green foliage which is almost evergreen. It prefers partial shade and damp conditions but will tolerate quite dry areas.

  • One of only two irises which are native to the UK.
  • Height 50-100cm (20-39 in).
  • Plant in moist well drained soil.
  • Position in full sun to partial shade
  • Remove any dying foliage in the Autumn and cut back at a diagonal angle to encourage plant health
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