Pillwort (Pilularia globulifera) Native. Oxygenator


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 Pillwort (Pilularia globulifera) Native.

  • Pillwort (Pilularia globulifera) is a rare native plant. It is an unusual species of fern which grows at edges of lakes, ponds, ditches and marshes.  The thread like, upright leaves unfurl from tight coils as it grows and also, at the  base of the stems, it has hard, spherical spore cases. These are  the ‘pills’ which  give it its common name. An alternative name for Pillwort is Pepper grass.
  • In the right conditions it forms a creeping mat over bare mud at the margins of ponds and lakes which make it look like a miniature bright green lawn.
  • It can be grown as an oxygenator or as a bog plant.
  • Planting depth 0- 30 cm (0-12 inches)
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